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Available Wines


Our Blueberry Wine

For over two decades, Duda’s Blues Winery has been producing 100% pure blueberry wine from cultivated high bush blueberries grown on our farm in Machias, NY. Our wines are created with fresh blueberries harvested and fermented with care to create a unique table wine that is far from ordinary. This great blend of delicious nectar tantalizes and teases the taste buds. Intense characteristic fresh blueberry color and flavors. This medium-bodied, semi-sweet wine is a pleasant sipper with a long finish.

This is an excellent sipping wine and goes well with many foods including, smoked salmon, poultry, wild game, pork dished, crackers, cheeses and salads. It also goes especially well with chocolate and rich desserts.
Serve chilled.

14% Alcohol by Volume

Large bottle 750ml: $25

Small bottle 375ml: $16

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Very good wine! Never thought to try blueberry wine – so glad Dave convinced me to have some!

Samantha N.

I like that it’s locally made. I love the complex taste that evolves in your mouth.

Charles G. - Liverpool, NY

Really good! So refreshing and hits just right. Highly recommend!

Kristen S. - Hopewell Jct, NY